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The Ultimate K-pop Guide in Seoul

Review of my favorite k-pop places and experiences in Seoul, South Korea

In Seoul latest k-pop hits are blaring from everywhere: shops, cafes, restaurants… It’s hard not to experience k-pop at as fullest, but in this post I will provide my favorite “k-pop” places.

1. SMTOWN building

Number one is definitely the 6 floor building of S. M. Entertainment in Gangnam in COEX Mall. They have a celebrity shop (SUM) with a lot of stuff by Girls Generation, Super Junior, SHINee, TVXQ, EXO, f(x)… Besides, they have a beautiful cafe with drinks such as EXO shake, beautiful fan art exhibition, dance lessons, and studios for recording k-pop music videos.

At SUM celebrity shop
Super Junior souvenirs
Souvenirs at SUM celebrity shop

2. S.M. Entertainment Communication Centre

SMENT Communication Centre contains the celebrity cafe and shop as well but I like the cafe bar even more. It is actually not far away from SMTOWN building, maybe 20 mins walking.

EXO shake at SUM cafe
SUM cafe

3. K-pop spectacle

Go to a biggest k-pop concert, at Gocheok Sky Dome or some similar venue. Like I reviewed in another post, I enjoyed the concert of BTS, and they have already scheduled concerts for this year, according to their Facebook page.

BTS concert at Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul, November 2016

4. Cube Entertainment

At Cube Entertainment they also have a coffee bar in the ground floor of their HQ. There is also a small exhibition of their bands in the ground floor, but it is not as close impressive as at SMTOWN.

Cube Entertainment headquarters in Seoul
Cafe at Cube Entertainment HQ

5. Watch live show at Arirang TV

There are many TV shows that are recording k-pop groups live and you can attend the recording as the audience for free. The catch is that you need to come really early, bring band CDs, banners and similar goodies to get into. Luckily there is one show called “Simply K-pop” at Arirang TV where you can get pretty easily and I got the entrance. Check their website for more info and how to apply.

Any interesting k-pop experiences in Seoul?