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From L. A. to Seoul – This Was My 2016

A bit about my worldwide trips, oriental culture, music production, Ableton & Apple, people I met, things I learned and discovering new sound in 2016


My Korean friends always tell me that when an opportunity arises, you need to react upon it as quick as possible. So I did, and here are some of my favourite experiences in 2016.

March: jamming in Stockholm

I always wanted to experience Burning Man-like festival, so Urban Burn in Stockholm seemed like a great opportunity to experience this unique concept. I enjoyed meeting Swedish music producers at “Meet & Beet” jamming session there, and encountered new practices in making music using Ableton technologies. You can read more about this concept in blog post.

Jamming at Urban Burn Stockholm

Spring: festivals in L.A. and Vegas

I really like L.A., due to its mediterranean climate and entertainment, especially after long winter in Berlin. I visited ASCAP Expo, big festival for music creators. There I met developers of Apple Logic Pro X, music software I used for years. It was so inspiring to meet people behind that amazing product, and they told me I am the perfect user, haha! I write a longer blog post about this event here.

With new friends from ASCAP Expo

In Vegas I attended fantastic show Michael Jackson One by Cirque de Soleil, which was quite different experience as a combination of all time hits, great rock’n’roll and fantastic acrobatics. What impressed me about Vegas the most is its great expansion due to entertainment industry, in just a couple of years since I visited it last time. Vegas-related blog post is here.

Summer: sailing and music making in Croatia

Although I spent a lot of time on the boat, I also dedicated some time to learn music production online. I was working in Logic Pro X and struggling to make modern sound I wanted to have.

My summer in Croatia

In between: Berlin life

This has also been a great year for me in Berlin. I made new friends and met inspiring music and tech professionals. I had more time to explore music and tech scene on events at Factory Berlin, K-Pop parties, Songs Con and my favourite: “Women in music-tech”, where I met Ableton personnel. That led me to the opportunity to learn continuously about their technology, which inspires me with each encounter.

Berlin life

Autumn: exploring Music 2.0 in Seoul

Seoul was the most unexpected experience of 2016. I hesitated about this opportunity, but then I realised that fixed thinking led me to fixed life, and that I need to make that one more trip in 2016. I did a lot of K-Pop stuff there, like BTS concert, exhibitions, clubs… I really like entertainment there, and it is very interesting to me how the music groups are founded, produced and marketed. It is so much different than in Europe. I wrote a bit about that here, but I will keep writing, because there is so much valuable information I learned.

With people of Seoul

Besides that, I had another encounter with Ableton technologies, as I met music producers who encouraged me to learn Ableton Live more deeply. So I did, and I FINALLY found my modern sound I was looking for the whole time. Yes!

In 2017 I will come to Seoul again to explore that valuable oriental culture more deeply. What are your plans for 2017?