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Michael Jackson One – What Happens In Vegas Should Happen To You

My review of the show Michael Jackson One by Cirque du Soleil in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas


I made a promise to myself that the next time I’m in Vegas, I will go to a show, no matter what. Browsing through and after checking dozens of highly appealing shows, the decision was made.

Casino and Michael Jackson One Theatre

I arrived to Mandalay Bay around 6 PM, an hour before the show, to make sure I will find my way thru the vastness of the hotel. The entrance to Michael Jackson Theatre was (of course) through the casino.

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Next to the theatre there is a Michael Jackson One shop, which looks absolutely wonderful. They sell beautifully designed souvenirs from the show, and also exhibit rare items which Michael Jackson personally wore in his music videos and live shows.

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The entrance of the theatre is very glamorous: walls full of diamonds, huge paintings of MJ’s dancing, paparazzi in red coats all around.

The Michael Jackson One Show

Before the show I could see 3 huge screens on the stage. We couldn’t take photos during the show, but this official video is a quite nice representation of the atmosphere.


The show was such an intense emotional and physical experience. Every second there was something new going on.

The music was fantastic – only timeless hits by Michael Jackson. The dancers blew my mind, I can’t even try to explain what those moments were. The stage was changing all the time: new objects, new screens, dancing on the floor, in the air, above the audience, optical illusions…


I go to concerts all the time, but this is what entertainment is supposed to be: synergy of excellent music, technology and dance.

There was another show at 9 PM, which means 2 shows almost every day. Besides, they don’t need to bother with travelling and setting up the stage every day in another city. Isn’t that brilliant?

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Currently, Cirque du Soleil are running a couple of another shows in Vegas: MYSTÈRE BY CIRQUE DU SOLEIL, THE BEATLES LOVE BY CIRQUE DU SOLEIL, ZUMANITY BY CIRQUE DU SOLEIL, KÀ BY CIRQUE DU SOLEIL and O BY CIRQUE DU SOLEIL. Any recommendations from those, except Beatles (don’t like them)?