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My First Steps in the K-Pop Territory

5 first impressions after my arrival to Seoul, the capital of k-pop and one of the world’s greatest centres for music and technology


It’s been just three days since I arrived to Korea, but the experience is so intense, that I feel like it’s been weeks. I’ve been mostly hanging around Gangnam, a popular hippy district and a home of some main k-pop companies, such as S.M. Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.

Here are some things that caught my attention:

1. So loud!

The streets of Seoul are so loud! Latest k-pop hits are blaring from everywhere: shops, cafes, restaurants… but it somehow fits the architecture and fashionable Koreans. Western music is heard very rarely.

The streets of Gangnam

2. Fashionable Koreans

In Korea everyone is so fashionable. Not just TV celebrities, many random people at underground look just jaw-dropping. On the streets of Berlin everyone is having its own random style, but here is dominating this classic, yet very modern style.

Korean magazines

3. K-pop is everywhere

After the passport control at Incheon Airport, appeared a poster for EXO’s events. The bus for Seoul was full with commercials with k-stars. Commercials and products, from food to electronics, are marketed by k-pop stars. I also stumbled on K-pop star shops and cafés, that look absolutely amazing and I am sure I will dedicated a blog post just to them.

Red Velvet poster at SMTOWN building at Gangnam

4. Asians only

There are no white people. Chinese, Japanese, yes, but white or black no.

Korean GQ magazine

5. So modern

Everything looks a bit more modern than in Europe. The underground station, busses equipped with TV, password door locking and many other details that make life easier.

Samsung concert hall at Ewha Womans University

Anyone been to Korea? What are you impressions?