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How To Find Great Songs (From Your Couch)

5 best resources for A&R managers, music publishers, artists and others looking for awesome songs online


These tips come from my experiences as songwriter, band manager and though my connections. They apply mostly for finding songs for a recording artist, but may be helpful for TV/film/game placement.

1. SongLink International

Although their website looks like from ancient times, SongLink is a great resource for song seekers.

You can place a free ad describing which kind of songs you’re looking for. They send those ads to subscribed songwriters 2-3 times per month. This website covers mostly pop, but I also saw ads for country (unfortunately) and all kinds of music styles. It is meant for both A-list artists and upcoming artists.

There are other websites with similar service, like SongQuarters, which didn’t have many interesting ads so it turned me down.

On SongLink I made great connections, and this is my personal favorite.

2. Conferences (Oh no, not socializing again?)

Don’t worry, no need to waste time and money for networking events and long speeches. Although I met some great songwriters on such events, there is a faster way to find songs.

MagdaFrom my visit to ASCAP Expo 2016 in Los Angeles

You can search for songwriting and other industry events, and check speakers who are songwriters and then check their work. On some conferences you can even see the list of the attendees and check their work, like on the website of ASCAP Expo.

You can also search other related events, such as workshops, meetups and check who’s participating.

3. Instagram and SoundCloud

I discover interesting music mostly via Instagram, because it is so popular and easy to search using hastags: #songwriter, #composer, #musicproducer, #songwriterlife, #instamusic or #newsong. By searching by specific music style, e.g. #edm or #popmusic, I also found some great songs.

You can do the same with other social media, but I’d stick to Instagram and SoundCloud. Facebook is more for fun and friends, while Twitter is too limiting (and not that popular in Germany).

4. Music Connection

Music Connection is a great American music industry magazine available online for free.

MagdaMusic Connection and other magazines I got at ASCAP Expo

Each issue offers industry contacts, sometimes including music producers who also write songs.

5. SoundBetter

My special secret trick I use for my projects is SoundBetter, a website with a motto “Finish Your Song”. It offers variety of session musicians you can book. Many of them are also really good songwriters.

Are you looking for pop-dance songs? If so, feel free to write me an e-mail about your project and I may help.