Main reasons I decided to leave steady life in Germany for dynamic South Korea in 2017


I initially went to Korea to visit a friend (ok, and to check some K-Pop concerts 🙂), but as soon I returned to Berlin, I found myself packing and booking another flight back to Seoul.

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A bit about my worldwide trips, oriental culture, music production, Ableton & Apple, people I met, things I learned and discovering new sound in 2016


My Korean friends always tell me that when an opportunity arises, you need to react upon it as quick as possible. So I did, and here are some of my favourite experiences in 2016.

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Will voice synthesis technology replace human singers?

Remember the days when musicians actually had to go to the studio and play real instruments? What if I told you that even recording vocals will become the matter of past?

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Ableton Live 9 or Apple Logic Pro X? Comparing and choosing professional music production software that fits your needs


My background

I’ve been using Logic Pro X for 3 years for producing songwriting demos. Although I am not a full time producer, for my hi-quality demos I do the following operations:

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Interview with Calle Sjönell, the founder of music making technique “Meet & Beet”, at Bizarre Star Bazaar Festival in Stockholm


One day when your grandchildren ask you how first Meet & Beet started, this is the story you’re gonna tell them.

Right in the early 2016 when Swedes announced Bizarre Star Bazaar festival, I knew it was something worth checking. It was promoted as a Swedish version of Burning Man, a participatory festival taking place every summer in Nevada desert.

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Born in a family of audiophiles and computer entrepreneurs, I’ve been involved in music and tech intensively since my youngest age.

Surrounded with newest computers and rarest gadgets, and watching Star Trek before the time I learned to write, I developed huge interest in technology and pursued computer science professionally.

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