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BTS (방탄소년단) 3RD MUSTER [ARMY.ZIP+] Seoul Concert Review

Review of the fan meeting concert of South Korean boy band BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, on 12th November 2016 at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul

As soon as I decided to come to Korea, I started to search for the hottest k-pop concerts in Seoul. I went big and picked up BTS, due to their remarkable new album “Wings” and amazing music video for the song “Blood, Sweat and Tears”.

Gechok Sky Dome

The concert was held at Gechok Sky Dome. As everywhere in Seoul, at the venue were SO MANY people and it took quite long to enter the building and get to the seats.

Before the concert, we were shown BTS music videos on huge screens which was really cool. There were no opening acts, like in Europe. No one cares about the opening acts anyway.

The stage was vast, extended all around the dome. Occasionally BTS drove on bikes to get from place to place.


The concert started at EXACTLY 17:00 (yeah really 17:00), but later I realized why so early. The concert started by presenting music video for the song “Blood, Sweat and Tears” on the big screen. Even before the boys appeared, the audience was screaming so much that I needed to cover my ears.

Me and my friend at BTS concert

Fan meeting concert

I was completely unfamiliar with this term, but this wasn’t a typical concert where the artist sings the whole time. First hour was some kind of talk show held by some famous Korean comedian (my friends say so). The comedian gave band members tasks such as imitating other band members, and asked questions: what they dislike about other members, embarrassing questions, asked questions from the fan club and vice verse. My Korean friends translated most of the speech but even without understanding it was hilarious: a lot of funny dancing and joking with each other.


After that “talk show” BTS started singing and dancing performing the biggest hits such as “Dope”, “21st Century Girl” People were screaming SO LOUD that I couldn’t believe it and handle it. In Europe and America people also scream at the concert but this was screaming till you drop! Crazy!!


Between the songs, BTS continued with the comedy/talk show by splitting the group into two subgroups in order to compete with each other in different disciplines: running, biking, drawing and other ridiculous tasks.

Fan club

It seems they are deeply connected with the fan club. They mentioned the fan club many times. The club also organized a surprise for the band, as we received the special banners that were shown to BTS during the song “2!3!”.

BTS banners


Performance was flawless, both vocally and the dancing. It looks and sounds exactly like in the music videos. They changed pretty clothes many times. The visual effects were also breathtaking, from beautiful butterfly and flowery animations on 3 stage screens, to fire and other explosive effects.

On some songs they changed arrangements and also made some funny versions of well know songs, which was fresh and interesting to hear.

The best atmosphere was at songs “Dope” and “Blood, Sweat and Tears”.

BTS performing


Not only the audience was so emotional. At some point each band member made a speech and 2 or 3 members cried. I am not talking about wet eyes, I talk real crying. I was astonished. I never experienced such an emotional exchange at a concert. They talked about their struggles and wishes, and thanks and fans… Amazing. Beatles were small babies comparing to them. These are the superstars.

Funny videos

During the time BTS were changing clothes, we were shown some funny videos on the screen. They recorded a short TV show about fans. Really funny.

BTS concert tickets

The concert lasted 3.5 hours

There were so many times when I thought the concert will soon be over, but BTS just didn’t want to get off the stage. It lasted 3.5 hours!!! In the end when people started to go, they still stayed on the stage, driving on their bikes and waiving to people. Amazing.


This experience was SO INTENSE. The fans care much more than in Europe and the band cares much more than in Europe. They put SO MUCH EFFORT in their job. I am deeply moved and highly impressed. Wow!

You can also check some official concert photos here.

Any k-pop concert experiences?