Born in a family of audiophiles and computer entrepreneurs, I’ve been involved in music and tech intensively since my youngest age.

Surrounded with newest computers and rarest gadgets, and watching Star Trek before the time I learned to write, I developed huge interest in technology and pursued computer science professionally.

I started making music by playing with music programs on my dad’s computer, until I picked up an electric guitar in my early teenage years. I’ve always had a great passion for music: bands, singers, and great music videos – I could watch them all day long.

Music took me on numerous adventures: I founded a couple of music groups, wrote numerous of songs and performed live, TV and radio shows all around the world.

During my masters in the field of digital signal processing, I started developing deeper interest in music software and songwriting, and soon I thought myself of music production.

Currently I live in Berlin, which is an outstanding place for innovative ideas. I’ve learned so much and I want to share my knowledge with other enthusiasts.

I am interested in writing songs for artists – singers/bands. I write pop/dance/edm tracks including melody, lyrics, arrangement, and produce high quality demos.

I am also open for collaborations with other music-tech professionals in the research and development of new technologies.