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5 Reasons I left Berlin for Seoul (For Now)

Main reasons I decided to leave steady life in Germany for dynamic South Korea in 2017


I initially went to Korea to visit a friend (ok, and to check some K-Pop concerts 🙂), but as soon I returned to Berlin, I found myself packing and booking another flight back to Seoul.

Many people ask me why am I leaving Berlin, it is so cool and modern, I had a great time there… so I decided to write an article on what happened and what attracts me to make the change.

1. Techno Berlin vs pops in Seoul

In Berlin all my DJ friends are techno, clubs are techno, my music production instructors are techno, music-tech companies are techno… Berlin is a great place to explore music and technology, but intense techno scene is not where I really belong. I always had great passion for pop music and music groups, which are basically dead in Europe. In Korea there are many companies producing pop music groups and I am so excited to be part of that environment.

Berlin style – techno DJ-ing

2. Energy in Seoul

There is an unique energy in Seoul, something I couldn’t experience anywhere else in the world. It is highly dynamic, energetic and hard working country. I feel like they are competing with the whole world and among themselves all the time. When I’m in Seoul I sleep much less, I have more energy and I achieve more. All my Korean friends are very focused and hard working, and that’s the exact attitude I need right now.

Gangnam district

3. Cultural difference

Korean culture is so different than mine, from the way people greet when they meet, friendships, dating, texting, atmosphere at work, food and drinks, fashion and beauty standards… I know there are not many Croatians visiting Korea, but I think there is so much we can learn from each other.

I love Korean dishes like Gamjajeon, Bibimbap and I’m slowly getting used to their spiciness.

Korean food

Korean fashion could be a whole another topic. I love their taste in fashion and the emphasis on beauty and skin care, also many nice shops in that field.

Korean beauty products

I will study Korean language at Sogang University, because I think it is crucial for the understanding of the culture, as some words are not translatable, such as “Jeong” (specific emotional connection between people).

4. Tech scene

It is exciting to explore other tech scenes, and the one in Seoul is for sure interesting due to their multinational electronics companies such as Samsung and LG. I heard the startup scene is booming as well. I am also looking forward to electronic doors and not carrying keys anymore!

Songdo, a district of Incheon

5. Mountains

I love hiking and in Korea there are so many opportunities for that. In just a few weeks in Korea I climbed several mountains with breathtaking views. I also want to explore other natural beauty, cities on the coast such as Incheon and Busan, and of course – Jeju island.

Area close to Daedun Mountain